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Lauding them Legendary Lever Actions

Most of us have a story involving an old lever action rifle or shotgun. Something about their wood and steel, the way they look, the way they feel, they way they smell even, that makes lever guns such an effective vessel of memories and stories. But they tell a distinctly American story as well. Stories of endurance, exploration, adventure, perseverance. Stories of being tested, stories of sustaining ourselves.  So thanks go out to Outdoor Life for offering their take on the top 10 lever actions of all time. We think they’ve pretty much nailed it. Any of your favorites missing from the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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Rescuing the German Guns

“Inge and Nisse saw this as not only a business opportunity but also a shared mission: Save the guns and give them second lives.”

Granted, we’re not talking about our beloved American lever guns, single action revolvers or side-by-sides here. But we are talking about dedicated preservationists, and that will always catch our attention*. Thanks to Shooting Sportsman for sharing the story of a U.S. Army Physician who fell in love with German hunting traditions while stationed there, inherited a 1902 Hollenbeck decades later, and started on a journey of rescuing German guns from destruction. Many of which are storied marques originating from a country with proud gunmaking roots.

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* And, we do work on the odd schuetzen rifle from time to time. 🙂

Source: National Shooting Sports Foundation

Firearms Industry Salutes America’s Veterans

“So I think that every day should be a celebration of our veterans, especially now that an all-volunteer military means that only a small portion of our population truly knows what it means to have served.”

– Steve Sanetti, National Shooting Sports Foundation CEO

Amen to that.

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