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If Turnbull’s metal finishing expertise is what makes your gun truly restored, our wood working expertise is what makes a restored gun truly yours. Our master woodworkers utilize an unmatched reference library of period-perfect buttstocks and forends. They also work very closely with you. We want to understand the exact details required in order to make your restored firearm not only totally authentic and beautiful, but just as important, totally usable.

Depending on the gun, our woodworkers will select the proper grade of English Walnut or American Black Walnut for your new buttstock and forend (click to see examples). Once the blank has been selected, the new stock is rough cut on a duplicator, and painstakingly finished with files and sandpaper. Turnbull craftsmen slowly shape and sand until the new buttstock and forend are a perfect fit to your rifle or shotgun. Once the shaping is completed the stocks are handed off for finishing and checkering. Numerous coats of period-correct hand rubbed finish are applied to the wood, and the checkering is hand-cut either to the original manufacturer’s specification or to yours.