About Turnbull Restoration

Back in 1984, our company was originally known as “Doug Turnbull Restoration”. Forty years ago, Doug founded the restoration company that would become Turnbull Restoration. Customers still call and email asking to speak with Doug, or if Doug can restore their firearm. The truth is, for the past few decades a team of incredibly skilled artisans and craftsmen have been the hands bringing world-class restorations to life.

Our gunsmiths, woodworker, engraver, metal finisher, and other experts have a combined 140+ years under their belts at Turnbull Restoration alone. In a world of employee turnover we’re honored to have folks here who have worked for us for over twenty years. We’re all proud of the work we do, the goods and services we provide, and the customer service you’ve come to expect.

The dedication, passion, and integrity Turnbull Restoration employees bring to their benches and desks every day are what make our company different from the other firearm refinishers and restorers out there. Once upon a time our company was a one-man shop, but it’s been decades since that was the case. Our company could not exist, and could not produce the unparalleled restorations that ship every day, without each and every one of the fourteen people on our team. I’m honored to call Ryan, Tom, Joon, Mike K., Jake, Keenan, Jerry, Christine, Mike N., Shana, Margaret, and Steve my coworkers.

This company has been restoring firearms for the past 40 years. Along the way we’ve manufactured new firearms, made and sold parts, and refinished our fair share of unique and traditional firearms. I’m not sure where the next 40 years will take us, but I know two things for sure: We’ll be here, and we’ll still be restoring American classics with the same attention to detail and integrity we’ve always had.

~ Sara Turnbull