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It’s hard to find a more respected name in firearm restoration worldwide than Doug Turnbull, and if you want your old rifle, shotgun or pistol restored to factory new, there is no company more capable and trusted than Turnbull Restoration & Manufacturing Co. Turnbull Restorations & Manufacturing is #1 in Vintage firearm restoration and historical metal finishes. Doug Turnbull grew up in his father’s shop located in Upstate New York.  watching as he experimented with different techniques of metal finishing, and talking with customers and enthusiasts who came in with antique firearms in need of work. “My father had been tinkering with case-hardening and metal preparation,” Turnbull said, “And I took over that aspect. It turned into years of experimentation and trial and error.

Doug went into the business when he finished school, and specialized on the restoration side. Some of these processes are literally lost arts. There are no books, and very little was ever written down. In the 1960s, a few of the old craftsmen were still alive and could pass on what they knew if you asked. My father learned from them, and I learned from him.” Some of the firearms we restore…Lever action rifles from Winchester, and Marlin. Shotguns from Parker, L.C. Smith, Purdy, Sauer & Sons, Aya, Merkel, Ithaca. Handguns Colt 1911s, Colt SAA revolvers and Colt SAA Clones like Uberti and USFA revolvers, Colt automatics like the 1902, 1903, 1908 and Ruger Blackhawks. If you don’t see your gun listed, please contact us to see if we restore your particular firearm.

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