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Gun Engraving: True Art in Metal

Metal engraving is another aspect of your gun restoration project that will bear the mark of authenticity as well as personalization. For as long as firearms have been made, they have been decorated and adorned by artisans through elaborate engraving. As early as the 16th century, firearms have been engraved with scrolls, lettering, animals, and hunting scenes. Although most military weapons were not engraved, a great deal of personally-owned weapons were.

We’re fortunate to have Tom McArdle as our in-house engraver. Tom has engraved hundreds of vintage and new firearms. You can see examples of Tom’s work throughout this section.

Full Service Gun Engraving

Whether it’s restoring a classic firearms’ engraving to its original condition, incorporating elements of factory patterns to create a unique look, or including personalized touches to a family heirloom, Turnbull Restoration customers have long relied on our in-house engraving services.

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Standardized Gun Engraving Library

An ideal way to add that extra touch of Turnbull artistry, or handy inspiration for dreaming up your own personalized designs. Either way, our library of standard engraving patterns makes elevating your revolver customization project easier than ever, ensuring the finished piece becomes a cornerstone of your collection.

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