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From the Experts: GUNS Magazine

It's always a pleasure to work with our friends in the firearms media. They each possess great expertise, passion, attention to detail, deep knowledge... in a word: dedication. They help us stay in touch with what their equally-dedicated audiences want, and help us...

Lever-Action Rifles Then and Now

Today we’ll view a few immaculately preserved color case hardened firearms from the late 1800s and early 1900s compared to the restorations we’ve completed on the same models.

Lever-Action Rifle Calibers: The Top Three for Hunters

If you’re considering hunting with a lever-action rifle, the question is, what caliber do you choose? For your consideration, here are my top three choices for lever-action calibers for hunting.

What’s the Difference Between Color Case Hardening and Color Casing?

We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure our color case hardening is as authentic as it can be. We are proud of the work we do and the connection we have to the original master gunmakers of the turn of the century.

Conservation and Restoration: Our Shared Vision with Ducks Unlimited

For the past 40 years Turnbull Restoration has been dedicated to the values of conservation and restoration. We take our firearms seriously, and we take our wetlands and wildlands seriously, too.

Winchester Model 71 – A Winchester Arms Collectors Association Guest Post

The Model 71 was designed as an improved (and stronger) variant of John M. Browning’s original Model 1886. It was listed in the 348 W.C.F. cartridge only, and ultimately, it was the only rifle ever manufactured for that cartridge/caliber.

Top 10 for 2022: Our Year on Social Media

Sharing is caring, right? We’re grateful for the generosity of our Facebook and Instagram followers in 2022. They felt inspired to share our restoration and finish work with their friends in quantities that we haven’t seen in previous years. So we’re re-sharing the...

Hunting with a Winchester 1886 – A Winchester Arms Collectors Association Guest Post

I’ve been a gun collector for many years but I have one special gun I’d like to tell you about. The rifle is a Winchester Model 1886 chambered in .40-82 WCF and it was made in 1894. It has a 26-inch round barrel and is in decent shape, but shows wear from many years of use. The only thing unusual about it is that the case-hardened receiver is engraved “Arapahoe County”.

Gun Condition and Markings – A Winchester Arms Collectors Association Guest Post

Twenty years ago, we lost the much-loved Cajun chef, Justin Wilson. In one recorded episode, he was talking to his hushpuppies in the deep fryer while addressing questions from viewers. One person asked what kind of wine was proper to drink with a seafood dish. In his always entertaining manner, he said you should drink the kind of wine you like. Wine rules were foolish.

Hunting with a Winchester 1895 – A Winchester Arms Collectors Association Guest Post

My love for Winchesters came about because of my grandfather. He is an unbelievable shot and had me shooting his Model 1894 from the age of four. It was an instant addiction to all things Winchester. The first time I saw a ‘95 was on the famous “The Kind That Gets Them” poster as a teenager. From then on I knew I would endeavor to own one of these majestic rifles.

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