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Turnbull Restoration to Introduce New Products at Dallas Safari Club Convention

Turnbull Restoration will unveil a series of new products at the Dallas Safari Club Convention. This group of new products offers something for everyone in the shooting sports. There will be a new .475 lever action rifle, 2 new additions to the increasingly popular family of Turnbull finished Ruger Mark IV pistols and, in a first for Turnbull, a Turnbull finished Ruger GP100 revolver.

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Nighthawk Custom Turnbull VIP 2 Giveaway

Nighthawk Custom Turnbull VIP 2 Giveaway Banner

We’re proud to co-sponsor a special giveaway featuring the AMAZING Nighthawk Custom Turnbull VIP 2! Big thanks go out to our talented friends at Nighthawk Custom and all the good people at, On Target Magazine and GAT Daily. It’s their biggest giveaway to date! The entry form is below, or visit the Gat Daily website to enter.

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Make it Personal: Laser-Engraved Turnbull Ruger Mark IV

Turnbull Ruger Mark IV Family Grouping

Suppressor not included

What’s more awesome than a Ruger Mark IV that’s sporting Turnbull colors?

A personalized one!

The Turnbull Ruger Mark IV family:

To order your personalized Turnbull Ruger Mark IV:

  • Choose you Turnbull Ruger Mark IV model
  • Send an email to with your choice of Mark IV and 20-character personalization
  • Or call (585) 535-9168

Drive History – Doug’s Ride of a Lifetime at Historic Watkins Glen International

Indy Racing Experience Watkins Glen International September 1 2017

Doug is all smiles after his ride.

So what’s a vintage gun restorer from Bloomfield, New York supposed to do when his friend and customer calls up and asks if he’d like to ride with American racing legend Mario Andretti? Well, you put everything down and say “see you at The Glen!”

Thanks to his friend Mike Henry, Doug got to do just that on September 1st when Indy Racing Experience (IRE) pulled into town as part of the IndyCar Grand Prix at The Glen.

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Options Offered on Turnbull Ruger Mark IV Pistol

Turnbull Ruger Mark IV Family Grouping

Suppressor not included

Turnbull Restoration has announced new additions to the Turnbull Finished Line of firearms. The Finished Line is an ongoing series of historically significant and beloved firearms that hold a special place in the hearts of all firearms enthusiasts and collectors.

The new additions are for the popular Turnbull Ruger Mark IV Pistol. The Turnbull Mark IV was first introduced in 2016 as a follow up to the Turnbull Mark III, which had sold out in days. The new options being added today are target quality wood grips (with and without threaded barrel) and a threaded barrel (with and without wood grips).

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Taking Time to Take in New Views: Doug’s Summer 2017 Air Adventures

Doug Turnbull flying over the red rocks of south east Colorado

“If you have time to spare, you go by air.”

When flying your own Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser across the country, speed of motion doesn’t always translate to speed of travel. And when you relish the freedom of exploration and seeing things in different ways, this suits Doug Turnbull just fine.

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Turnbull Announces July 4th Release of Limited Edition Commercial 1911 Pistol

Turnbull Restoration is proud to announce a limited edition recreation of the iconic Commercial 1911 Government Pistol. The pistols will all have the early style commercial finish that was applied to them in their original manufacture in 1912. These .45 ACP pistols are set to be released on July 4, 2017 to mark their significance in the history of American firearms.

“The 1911 is simply the best known and still most beloved pistol design in firearm history and the Commercial is the design that people most identify with it,” said CEO and Founder Doug Turnbull. “It just made sense to honor this purely American firearm design by releasing it on Independence Day.”

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Honoring, Preserving, Giving – 2017 WACA Annual Meeting 1886 Auction Rifle

Turnbull Model 1886 lever action rifle as supplied to 2017 WACA Annual Meeting Auction

Turnbull Restoration is proud to have teamed up with the Winchester Arms Collectors Association (WACA), John Pease and Negrini to supply a very special entry into WACA’s 2017 Member Reception auction. A new deluxe engraved Turnbull Model 1886 rifle chambered in .45-90 WCF will be auctioned after WACA’s Annual Membership Meeting at the Buffalo Bill Center of The West in Cody, Wyoming on July 14, 2017.

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Newcomer No More – Brownells Retail Store Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

Brownells Grinnell Iowa Retail Store Grand Opening

Image courtesy of Brownells

To say Brownells is well known among those who build, customize and repair firearms is an understatement. Bob Brownell established his iconic, namesake company in 1939, and the supplier of gun parts, gunsmithing tools and shooting supplies has served countless customers around the world since.

But oddly enough, to a retail customer of production firearms and accessories, Brownells is perceived as a newcomer. “It’s nice to finally have brand recognition within our own state,” chuckles Ryan Repp, Director of Content and Communications at Brownells.

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Sneak Peek: NRA Convention 2017 Preview

Turnbull on the Road Banner NRA 2017

The National Rifle Association (NRA) Annual Meetings & Exhibits come at a great time of year. For us in the northeast, late April is usually the time we can safely say winter is behind us. More importantly, our minds finally turn to the outdoors and our favorite shooting pastimes.

Regardless of residence, NRA’s massive April 27-30 event lets all of us dream about all those outdoor days ahead. Namely, what gear should we purchase for the hunts and outings we’ve planned? What new firearms should we add to our collections? Which of our antique and vintage rifles, shotguns and handguns should we restore this year?

Turnbull Restoration will have plenty at NRA to set you up for the business end of 2017. Swing by booth #1213 to find out. Here’s a preview.

Restoration Services

Restored Winchester 1886 for blog

Antique firearms hold unique value to each of us. For some, it’s the sentimental value. For others it’s the investment value. For others still it’s maintaining the beauty and period accuracy of one’s collection. We want you to enjoy your vintage rifle, shotgun or handgun to the fullest possible extent, and gun restoration services are often a great option. We’re offering no-fee no-obligation restoration quotes at our booth, so please swing by so we can start the conversation. If we need to transport your firearm to our Bloomfield, NY shop for further assessment, we’ll assist with all the arrangements.

Also, we’re always on the lookout for unique vintage guns and collections to buy. If you have something you’d like to sell or trade in, come see us.

Turnbull-Finished Production Firearms

Some have already heard about our latest Turnbull-finished offerings. The NRA show gives you the opportunity to see the striking Turnbull Ruger Mark IV and Turnbull Marlin 336C up close and in-person. The iconic pistol and popular lever-action rifle are both the perfect canvas for our metal and wood finishing. UPDATE APRIL 25: Our newly-launched Turnbull Winchester 1892 and 1873 will be at NRA too!

– Turnbull Ruger Mark IV

Turnbull Ruger Mark IV left and right

Like the Mark III, the Ruger Mark IV .22LR is known for its accuracy and reliability. We’ve polished and color case hardened the tube and barrel, and are now releasing it for the low price of $595.

– Turnbull Marlin 336C

Turnbull Marlin 336C Right Side

The Marlin 336C .30-30 enjoys massive popularity among hunting rifles in North America.  For a limited time we’re selling the Marlin 336C with our signature touches for only $1,200. We’ve refinished the stock and forend to match the classic Marlin Red finish. The receiver has also been refinished with the famous Turnbull color case hardening process.

– Turnbull Winchester 1892

Turnbull Winchester 1892 in .44 Remington with pistol grip

It’s no mystery that Winchester lever action rifles hold a special place in our heart, especially the Model 1892. Starting with a new Model 1892 Short Rifle with octagon barrel, we apply our signature color case hardening process to the receiver, lever, hammer, butt plate and forend cap. In addition, we refinish the factory-checkered stocks in a hand-rubbed oil finish to match Winchester’s classic red shading. A significant final touch is our safety conversion process, which helps transform the new 1892 to its forbearer’s original spec. The 1892 is available in .44 Rem Mag (pistol grip) or .45 Colt (straight grip).

– Turnbull Winchester 1873

5533 Turnbull Winchester 1873 in 44-40

Known around the world as “The Gun that Won the West,” Winchester’s Model 1873 is certainly among the icons. The 1873 is offered in .357-38, .44-40 Win or .45 Colt. Cowboy Action Shooters love the fact that the rifle fires the same ammunition as their revolvers. In addition, competitors love the ultra-smooth, short stroke lever action found on the .357-38 and .45 Colt versions.

Ruger Mark IV Give-Away

And speaking of our Mark IV, make sure you have a chance to win one! Just visit our booth, and take a quick moment to enter our give-away.

Stay Tuned…

That’s a lot of exciting stuff, and we’ve got a few other things in the works that we hope to launch at NRA – so stay tuned. Also, be sure to visit our full tradeshow schedule to learn more about NRA Annual Meetings and all the other shows we’re attending this year.

LIVE from Brownells!

Thanks to our friends at Brownells for having Doug as their guest during a special Facebook Live broadcast. It worked out perfectly as Doug was traveling back through from the Dakota Territory Gun Collectors Association show in Sioux Falls.

Doug and host Steve Ostrem settled into Brownell’s Montezuma, IA studio for an enjoyable conversation that lasted just under an hour. They talked about the history of Turnbull Restoration, previewed a special Brownells sales event coming up in May (stay tuned for more on that), and took gun restoration questions from viewers. You can see the full episode here.

Want to stay up-to-date on fun events like this and more? You’ve got plenty of options. Bookmark our events page, sign up for our e-newsletter, like us on Facebook, or like us on Instagram. Or all the above!

Turnbull Finishing Collaborations Banner

New Finishing Collaborations with Nighthawk Custom and Talo Distributors

Our recent tour of firearms tradeshows in Las Vegas has come to a successful conclusion. Both SHOT Show and Beinfeld’s Antique Arms Show featured plenty of new product debuts, including two of our finishing collaborations with Nighthawk Custom and Talo Distributors. Here’s a sneak peek:

Nighthawk Turnbull VIP 1 and Turnbull VIP 2

The Nighthawk Turnbull VIP 1 features a Turnbull case hardened and polished frame along with high-polished charcoal blue slides and controls. The equally stunning Nighthawk Turnbull VIP 2 features a Turnbull case hardened frame, blued slide and nitre blue controls.

Talo Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 Magnum

For the single-action enthusiast, Talo Distributors are offering the Turnbull Ruger Super Blackhawk featuring Turnbull colored and finished metal. Ruger fans will certainly want to get their eyes and hands on these fine pieces.

Contact Us to Learn More

These beauties made a stir in Vegas, so be sure to contact us or your dealer to learn more. More collaboration announcements are coming soon, so stay tuned!