The Finish Works

by Turnbull Restoration
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THE FINISH WORKS BY TURNBULL RESTORATION is an extension of our long-established antique firearm restoration business. It consists of two distinct offerings involving select, factory-new firearms: Turnbull Finished Services and Turnbull Finished Favorites.

Turnbull Finished Services

Transform Your New Firearms to Instant Family Heirlooms

Our antique gun restoration customers often ask us if their newly-manufactured firearms can be made to look old. Our transformative methods are performed by the same craftsmen who are expert in the renewal of old-world legends.

Turnbull Finished Favorites

The Performance You Expect from Shooting an Icon. The Feeling You Get from Owning a Turnbull.

The Turnbull Finished series is a collection of historically significant, newly manufactured firearms for sale that are finished using Turnbull’s signature methods to produce a modern classic worthy of being an instant family heirloom. Iconic models from Winchester, Browning and Henry are among this collection that honors legendary gunmakers.