Stewards & Stories #2

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Guns as Investments

Source: Sporting Classics Daily

We have legendary outdoor writer Jim Carmichel to thank for countless pages of stories and wisdom. And we have Sporting Classics to the thank for featuring Guns as Investments. This chapter of Jim’s book Classic Carmichel—Stories from the Field does a great job of spooling out valuable information for fledgling gun collectors.


The Western Tradition of Lever Guns

That’s a whole lotta lever action love packed into just under two minutes. Our friends at Field & Stream and Marlin run down a long list of reasons why so many are so dedicated to their repeaters. The segment about lever gun hunting is especially near and dear to our heart.

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Scattergun Choices – How’d We Get from “Then” to “Now”?


Grandpa’s flintlock side-by-side may not be for you. Your over-under may not be for your buddy sitting next to you in the blind. With choices comes debate. And nine out of ten times, it comes down to personal preference and usage. Guns Magazine’s John Barsness does a nice job of not only breaking down the choices of different shotgun types, but also how they originated and evolved over 150 years of break-action doubles.

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