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J. Woodward, .450 3 1/4″ Boxer double rifle, circa early 1870’s, 28″ Damascus barrels, full coverage English floral engraving, tight action, good bores, 14 7/8″ length of pull (front trigger), 8 lbs 4 oz., checkered steel butt. This early rifle would be regulated for 3 1/4″ Boxer load, which used the coiled case 480 grain paper patch bullets with 85-90 grains of black in the 1350 fps range.

Previously restored by a third party (i.e., not Turnbull Restoration), it is a top grade rifle that was made by Woodward for the Hamilton & Co. (a banking and rail line company) of India. It was probably a gift to a Maharajah over who’s land the rail company passed through. The locks are marked “Hamilton & Co.”, left barrel “Hamilton & Co. Calcutta & Simla”, right barrel “Manufactured Expressly by J. Woodward”. This is a much sought after brand name. It is thought that Woodward had only made as few as 200 double rifles during their history prior to being bought out by Purdey’s.

The double rifle is believed to have been made between 1873-74. Being so early, this would also indicate that it is regulated for the .450 Boxer load as opposed to the Express load. The owner shot this rifle early on with the Express load and it regulated just about perfect, but was shooting about a foot high at 50 yds, so this also goes in line with it being meant for the Boxer round.

The barrels have seven groove Henry rifling with good shootable bores. The owner slugged the barrels — 4″ up the breach, 1/2″ down the muzzles along with passing a slug the whole barrel length from breach to muzzle.

Breach: Right – 0.4625″, Left – 0.4615″
Muzzle: Right – 0.462″, Left – 0.461″
Full Length: Right – 0.462″, Left – 0.461″

They are not taper bored as many of this era typically were. The owner advises that the proper all up cast lead bullet/paper jacket size should be 0.463″ for best accuracy.

It comes with a die set, brass and book on the .450 3 1/4″ Boxer round.

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J. Woodward for Hamilton & Co.


.450 3 1/4" Boxer Double Rifle

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Shtogun with Cheek Piece

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