John Mahlon Marlin, 1836-1901
Image Source: Guns & Ammo

Celebrating 150 Years of Marlin Firearms

“Marlin’s lever-­actions are important, but they are only a partial picture of Marlin’s heritage. In 150 years of continuous production, Marlin has manufactured nearly every type of firearm.”

Craig Boddington

Writer, Guns & Ammo

Hats off to Craig Boddington and Guns & Ammo for offering to their readers this comprehensive and enlightening history of Marlin Firearms. Knowing where we’ve been is key to understanding where we’re going. And fortunately, we have every reason to believe our friends at Ruger will be excellent stewards of this legendary make.

Image Source: Sporting Classics Daily

Levering Interest

“… I’m convinced I’m not alone in my growing re-appreciation of lever-action rifles. Cock your ear to the breeze and you’ll hear the metallic ‘schlick-schlick’ of America’s rekindling love affair with lever-action rifles. “

Ron Spomer

Writer, Sporting Classics

Americans are rekindling their love affair with lever-action rifles, and we’re honored to help guard the embers. Ron Spomer and Sporting Classics revisit the history of the lever gun and help us understand why they were pushed to the back of the closet for a spell. And fortunately, why a new generation is discovering their allure.

Image Source: American Handgunner

My Father’s Colt

“The wings stayed on his chest and the Colt stayed at his side during an incredible journey lasting 30 years and three wars.”

Bruce Cherry

Writer, American Handgunner

We’ve restored nearly countless Colt Model 1911s over the decades. Sure, the amount of semi-autos coming across our gunsmiths’ benches probably has a lot to do with the sheer quantity of examples produced. The more noteworthy number is the amount of times these 1911s have come to us with a cherished personal story.

Thank you to Bruce Cherry and American Handgunner for reminding us what this iconic service sidearm has meant to so many owners – and to so many families.

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  1. Steven Kernan

    I believe tha Browning BLR Lever action is the finest and strongest mechanism for a lever rifle ever made. No finger pinch, fast smooth lever throw and the guts of the rifle when the lever is worked is not exposed. I am wondering if you feel the same and if you have worked on the BLR before. I assume the steel frame Belgium made would be appreciated for case color finish. I am considering sending you a .308 or .358 in this caliber and would like to know the cost of case coloring the syeel frame and any other refinements you suggest.

    • Sara Turnbull

      Hi Steven,
      We haven’t worked with the BLR, since the current production of these just comes in stainless and aluminum. Since the BL-22s are carbon steel we’ve been able to color case harden them. We can do most carbon steel models, if you had any other ideas!


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