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10 Reasons to Shoot a .22 Rimfire

“Twenty-twos were the training wheels of maturity, responsibility and trust. They still can be…”

Ron Spomer

Writer, Sporting Classics

Thanks to Ron Spomer and Sporting Classics for reminding us how important, and frankly easy, it is to keep the .22 Rimfire alive. Ease, affordability, accessibility – all great reasons for us to stay connected with this important heritage. Not to mention the benefit that comes from introducing activities that promote maturity, responsibility and trust.

Image Source: Shooting Industry Magazine

The Light-Bulb Moment: Converting Anti-Gunners to New Enthusiasts

“Make their experience a great one. Show them the stereotypes of gun owners aren’t true…”

Ava Flanell

Founder, Elite Firearms & Training

There are as many reasons for getting into the shooting sports as there are choices of firearms to choose from. The important thing to remember is that they’re very effective tools for bridge-building. Thanks to Ava Flanell of Elite Firearms & Training, and to so many other instructors across the nation, for recognizing these opportunities and for welcoming new shooters into the fold. Ava tells her story in the November, 2020 issue of Shooting Industry Magazine.

We wish you all many years of making memories at the range and in the field!

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The 5 Guns that Every Hunter Should Own

“A shotgun, a rimfire rifle, two centerfire rifles (that serve different but overlapping needs), and a muzzleloader can cover every game animal and season in North America.”

Jordan Sillars

Writer, MeatEater

Not a ton here on the old gun front*, but that’s OK. Jordan Sillars of MeatEater has provided a great resource for newbies and horizon-expanding veterans alike. We tip our hat to the MeatEater team for building a bigger tent, where this article is just one example.

(* That’s not to say the subject doesn’t come up in the article. Thanks, Ronny Boehme, for representing.)

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