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Granddad’s Gun: A Georgia quail hunter keeps a family legacy alive

“‘When I’m quail hunting, I feel like I’m channeling my grandfather through it. It’s really magical.'”

Irwin Greenstein

Writer, Garden & Gun

We’re passionate about restoring fine American firearms to their factory specifications. But we know that preserving the memories represented by even modest makes are just as important. Whether we see the work or not, what matters is that the intrinsic value carried by that heirloom is passed along to the next generation. The Harrisons of Thomasville, GA know that many guns have a different kind of value, and we’re thankful Irwin Greenstein shared their story in the pages of Garden & Gun.

Image Source: True West Magazine

A Firearms Treasure Hidden in Plain Sight

“One can only imagine his surprise and pleasure when he read Colt’s factory letter…”

Phil Spangenberger

Writer, True West Magazine

Hats off the to the dedicated professionals and volunteers who make determination of provenance a whole lot easier. Museums, collectors associations and factories are the natural first step in piecing together your prized possession’s backstory–even if it takes 6 years to make that first call. We enjoyed reading one such story in True West Magazine.

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Of Remingtons, Parkers and Old Pats

“Provenance comes from the affinity for anything that is passed down. In this instance, it relates to people, too. “

Tom Keer

Writer, Sporting Classics

Of all the rewards that come from our work, the ones we treasure most are the bonds formed over the shared values of tradition, American craftmanship, quality, ingenuity and integrity. We’re fortunate to work in an industry that is a natural incubator for lasting bonds of friendship. It’s what gets us through the rough times, and helps us enjoy the good times even more. Tom Keer reminds us of this in his piece for Sporting Classics. And even though “Big Green” is no longer, we’re confident that its beliefs in tradition, legacy, perseverance, loyalty and dedication will live on under new stewardship.

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