Stewards & Stories #1

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Old Tools and Old Guns

Source: American Handgunner

“If these guns could talk.” Our gunsmiths say this to themselves every day. Being tuned in to that mysterious frequency is one of the things that drives us in the passions we pursue and the work we perform. We’re very lucky to work closely with customers who are attuned to the signals that are emanate from the wood and steel of their family heirlooms. Author Jeff “Tank” Hoover does a nice job sharing what it means to “hear” family heirlooms that speak to us, and how lucky we are to be able to understand.

Read Tank’s story over at American Handgunner.

Legacy – A Project Upland Original Film

American classic firearms are our stock in trade, but tradition and legacy are in actuality what we’re serving. We’re happy to see that our friends at AYA and the Roughed Grouse Society feel the same. They teamed up to share one story of the legacy shotgun.

You can watch it here, and read the full story over at Project Upland.

The Saga Of The Single Action Army

Source: Guns & Ammo

The title had us at “Single Action Army”, but author Patrick Sweeney kept us tuned in by recounting the history of the iconic SAA, the debate around what Colt have done better along the way, the opportunities that Ruger seized, and the good news for today’s single action revolver shooters.

Read the full story over at Guns & Ammo.


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