Showing Some Love for Pump Action 22LR Rifles, and More: Stewards & Stories #12

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Image Source: The Firearm Blog

Showing Some Love for Pump Action 22LR Rifles

“Although we’ve progressed significantly in the realm of firearms technology and development, there should always be a good amount of respect given to the predecessors that paved the way for our modern guns.”

Luke C.

Writer, The Firearm Blog

Summertime is twenty-two time. And thankfully for the future of our favorite pastimes, heading out into the field in search of small targets and small game is a great way to nurture the next generation of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Luke C. of The Firearm Blog does a nice job walking us through the history of pump-action plinkers, including one of our personal favorites, the Winchester Model 1890.

Image Source: Shooting Sportsman

A Case for Restoration

“A good gun honestly used and encompassing a century’s worth of days afield has a dignity all but lost in the modern era of mass production. To my mind, giving that gun a fresh breath of life and becoming the author of its next and yet unwritten chapter are the responsibilities and gifts of ownership.”

Reid Bryant

Writer, Shooting Sportsman

There are countless takes on the pros and cons of gun restoration, and we welcome all perspectives to the ongoing discussions. Reid Bryant’s reasoning for, and journey into, the restoration process is as unique as the stories that his 12-bore Army & Navy represents. He makes the case for restoration in his Shooting Sportsman article and, just as importantly, outlines the potential downside.

Image Source: Sporting Classics

A John of All Trades: Winchester’s John Olin

“To see the sum of John Olin’s many achievements, head to Nilo Farms for a hunt. You’ll walk where he walked and shoot on his skeet and trap ranges complete with freestanding shell box holders at every station. It’s a throwback to the Golden Age of Shooting where you can experience the life of a man who contributed so much to what we enjoy today.”

Tom Keer

Writer, Sporting Classics

Creator of the Western Super-X load? Correct. The developer of 24 U.S. patents in the field of arms and ammunition manufacture and design? Yes. The funder of a precursor to Ducks Unlimited? That too. John Merrill Olin touched so many aspects of American life, including his stewardship of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company after acquisition by his father Franklin in the 1930s. Sporting Classic’s Tom Keer does a notable job of chronicling the many achievements of John Olin, a truly committed champion of the American sportsman.

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