“Preserve, Revere, Inspire.”: A New Year’s Greeting

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Glass half-empty, or half-full? The past few years have presented an opportunity to take stock of what’s most important. To stand proudly for who we are, and why we are. With that in mind, let me re-introduce you to three of our guiding principles and why they’ll continue to drive our work in the coming year.

Preserve. We all love old photographs. Looking back on the aging image, we see a moment frozen in time and revisit that day’s emotions and memories. While there’s beauty in a well-worn photograph, there’s something to be said for the clarity we gain when a professional repairs cracks, touches up the color and brings the image back to life. Some of our earliest restorations were just that: revitalizing a treasured touchstone to keep the memories and history alive for future generations. Preservation is at the core of who we are.

Revere. It doesn’t take a gunsmith or a professional hunter to admire an antique firearm’s original designers and builders. It’s easy to appreciate their genius for blending simplicity and beauty with the reliability and sheer effectiveness required to get the job done. We admire these early innovators as well, and that’s why we have our own line of reproduction firearms. Bringing our restoration mindset to each new build is one way we pay tribute to the past masters.

Inspire. The honor of preserving stories and revering history doesn’t end with us. It begins with you. Our hope is that your collection – old and new firearms alike – becomes a source of inspiration to those in your life that are new to collecting, shooting, and hunting. The Finish Works exists to transform your factory-new favorites into collection cornerstones and sure-fire conversation starters. It’s one way we hope to inspire committed storytellers and stewards of tradition for many years to come.

Shoot history,
Doug Turnbull

Doug Turnbull, Founder & CEO


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