Behind the Scenes with Turnbull Gunsmiths Sam Chappell and Jacob Schuler

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Collage image of various gun restoration steps

Ever wonder what inspires someone to become a gunsmith? What skills are most important for gunsmithing in general and gun restoration in particular? We’re glad our friends at Numrich Gun Parts Corp. are curious about these questions as well, taking the time to interview two of our gunsmiths – Sam Chappell and Jacob Schuler – for their “Featured Gunsmiths” blog series.

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  1. Robert Perkins

    I love looking at these Turnbull video’s! They feature the most beautiful guns I have ever laid my eyes on! I am 86 years old and have been interested in, and around guns virtually all my life! Single action revolvers, old Winchesters, and every double barrel shotgun made have been the love of my life! When I came home from the Air Force in late 1957, I went straight to our one Gunsmith store in town and talked myself into a GI Bill Apprentice Gunsmith job! The owner was a fine Gunsmith himself, but he wasn’t a teacher and we had no prescribed course outline to follow! Needless to say, it didn’t work out, and as my family grew, I had to leave for a better paying job! I have bought, sold, and traded guns all my life! I remember buying Lugers for $35, P-38’s for $15, Colt 1911’s for $25, beautiful 98 Mauser’s for $20, etc., at Ye Old Hunter’s Lodge on the waterfront in Alexandria, VA., in the 1950’s! I thought I had seen about everything in guns until I saw the spectacular beauty of Turnbull guns! I have a nice old Parker double that has been in my family for years that I dream about having restored by Turnbull, but I’m too frightened to seek a quote because I might jump and “sell the farm” to get it done! I feel like I don’t have enough time left to truly be able to justify this dream! Turnbulls guns are truly firearms masterpieces! I love everyone I’ve ever seen!

    • Sara Turnbull

      Thank you for your service, and your appreciation, Robert! Let us know if we can ever provide you with a quote, or answer any questions for you.


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