Sharps Sporting Rifle



This Sharps Model 1853 Sporting Rifle is one of the most highly embellished Sharps rifles we have ever seen. Of the approximately 3,000 Model 1853 rifles built, this rifle is one of 53 recorded factory engraved 60 caliber rifles to be engraved in the “fine engraved” style. The engraving extends from the butt plate to the muzzle, including full engraving on the receiver, hammer, lever, lock plate and barrel. The entire brass butt plate & patch box are elaborately engraved in fine scroll with a “dog scene” engraved in the lid of the patch box. Restoration work included a complete metal restoration with engraving re-cut and new stocks made from exhibition grade American Black Walnut with period correct checkering. Bone charcoal color case hardening, nitre bluing & rust bluing were applied to finish off this stunning Model 1853 Sharps.

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Falling Block, Percussion

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