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This L.C. Smith Ideal Grade was fully restored by Turnbull Restoration in 2001. Work included a new butt stock checkered to match the original stock, full metal restoration with engraving re-cut, refinish of the original forend wood and full barrel polish and rust blue.

The gun is fit with double triggers and ejectors. This gun retains all of its color case hardening and bluing as it was restored. The gun has been shot with only minimal wear on the breech face of the receiver. The action and barrels remain tight. The barrels have three small marks at the breech on the left barrel and some very small handling marks in the barrel bluing.

The stocks are near mint condition with only a small scratch in the right side of the butt stock near the toe of the butt plate. The checkering is perfect with no worn or flat spots. No visible cracks can be seen in the butt stock behind the lock plates or the top tang.

The color case hardening, rust bluing & charcoal bluing on this gun look as good today as they did in 2001 when the gun was restored.

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Log Number 5326
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L.C. Smith


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