L.C. Smith Grade 4


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NOTE: this is an example of a previous customer restoration, and therefore the firearm is not for sale. Please browse the showroom for our current selection of restoredpre-ownedrefinished and manufactured firearms.

History Restored:

  • Repair slight damage to toe of stock and ebony tip of forend
  • Hand-rub oil finish
  • Re-cut checkering to original
  • Re-cut original barrel address markings, engraved breech borders, doll’s head and breech block
  • Perform barrel setback
  • Polish barrels, brown Damascus finish
  • Polish action and parts to correct finish
  • Re-cut engraving to original
  • Repair screws
  • Color case harden action and parts
  • Charcoal blue trigger guard and parts

Additional information

Log Number 33755

L.C. Smith


Grade 4



Year of Manufacture


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