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“Crispy” is a good way to describe this Colt SAA. We received this revolver after it had been in a house fire. As you can see from the before photos it was in pretty rough shape. The cylinder was loaded when the fire started and as you can see the fire was hot enough to partially melt the brass cartridge cases.

As part of the restoration the barrel & cylinder were replaced due to the intense heat of the fire. All of the springs were replaced as well since they had lost their temper. The frame, hammer, loading gate and grip frame are all original to the revolver and were able to be restored.

Restoration work included a few trips through the bead blasting cabinet to remove the heavy scale as well as the melted rubber & plastic from the case the gun was in. In addition to the new barrel & cylinder, a full mechanical rebuild was completed including a new bolt, hand, mainspring and cylinder timing.

All of the frame & barrel markings have been restored as part of the work as well as a complete metal polish. Originally manufactured in 1901 all of the blued parts have been polish to the correct “pre-1912” high polish. The frame, loading gate & hammer are Bone Charcoal Color Case Hardened, the barrel, cylinder & grip frame are Charcoal Blued and the screws, base pin and trigger are Nitre Blued.

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Log Number 19709




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1901), 206, XXX (Mfg


Single Action Revolver


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One piece walnut

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