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The Model 1902 Sporting was actually referred to by the Colt factory as simply the “Sporting Model” as it was basically a refined version of the Model 1900.  The 1902 Sporting Model designation is in reference to the 1902 patent date added to the slide marking at approximately serial number 5,000. 

This 1902 Sporting Model has been fully restored to original factory condition.  The pistol has the early style front slide serrations that were in use through the late 8,000 serial number range.  After this the serrations were moved to the rear of the slide.  This particular slide has 19 triangular front serrations as opposed to the more common 16 plunge milled front serrations.  Of the approximately 4,800 slides with front serrations only 500 were of the triangular style.

The hammer is the round or “stub” style that was used after the low 7,000 serial number range.  The magazine is the middle version (blued with the patent date roll marked in the floor plate).  With a total of approximately 6,900 Sporting Model pistols produced they are difficult to find.  Finding a Sporting Model with the triangular front slide serrations is very close to finding a “needle in a hay stack”, not to mention you will be hard pressed to find one that looks this good.

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