Winchester 1892 SRC Engraved by Carl Bleile – Sold


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IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an updated listing to correct an error in which C. Roger Bleile was cited as the engraver. We have since received additional information on the actual engraver, confirmed by two independent sources. Turnbull Restoration takes full responsibility for the error in the original listing, and we apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused.

We have an exciting addition to our showroom today, a Winchester 1892 SRC engraved by Carl Bleile. This is a complete working action, less barrel, magazine tube, wood, butt plate, and carbine barrel rings. This small caliber firearm can be chambered for .25-20 or .32-20. It’s serial number of 559135 is set in gold inlay, and dates the Winchester at 1910.

We have learned from two independent sources that the left and bottom sides of the action is thought to have been originally engraved by Master Engraver Winston Churchill, possibly when Mr. Churchill was with Griffin & Howe. At some point in time, either Bill Ward of Griffin & Howe or Jack Puglisi asked Master Engraver Carl Bleile to finish the engraving in the same German Black Hill style of the original engraving.

This classic Winchester can be completed either as a carbine or rifle to your personal standard and configuration. Gun build, required parts, finishes and any additional work to the action are not included in this price, but the costs associated with such a project can be quoted for you.

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.25-20 Win, .32-20 Win



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