Maybe you get your photo fix from “Guns of the Old West” or “American Handgunner.” We’re still partial to the glossy magazine photos, too. But this year we’ve been spending more time on Instagram, sharing photos and finding inspiration. Here are some of our Instagram fans’ favorite posts of 2018. If you’re on Facebook or Instagram be sure to follow us so we can share with you all of the beautiful antiques, unusual pistols, and finished restorations we come across at the shop. Happy New Year!

10. Turnbull Manufacturing Government Heritage 1911
One of our favorite 1911 builds. The nitre blue parts really set off the color case hardened frame.

9. Marlin 1895CB
We’ve been making old guns look new for decades, but it’s just in the past few years that we started making new guns look old. For this beauty we do a safety conversion; color case harden the receiver, lever, hammer and forend cap; and refinish the wood back to the classic Marlin red.

8. Colt Police Positive
A great example of a fine firearm that looks great just as it is.

7. Colt Single Action Army
We explored dealing with fire damage in an earlier blog post this year. This remarkable restoration took place after the revolver was burned very nearly past the point of no return.

6. Customer James Passer’s Winchester 1892 Carbine
Want to have your restoration project featured? Let us know! If it’s still in-house we can take a photo of it. Otherwise, send us your own photo and we’ll share it.

5. Smith & Wesson Heritage Series Model 10
We don’t do a lot of work with Smith & Wessons, but an Instagram follower asked for a photo of something we’d done with this manufacturer in the past. We’re always open to suggestions for what to post!

4. Marlin 1895 in .470 Turnbull & Turnbull 1886 in .475 Turnbull
Did you know you can have your Marlin 1895 or Winchester 1886 converted to .470 or .475 Turnbull? We even offer these calibers as a standard upgrade on our Turnbull 1886.

3. L. C. Smith Deluxe
An astounding example of what a group of highly talented gunsmiths can do. We love this over-the-top display of craftsmanship.

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The “Deluxe Grade” was the highest grade L.C. Smith shotgun ever built. It was advertised in the L.C. Smith catalog as “A gun of exquisite detail and superb workmanship; the last word in the gun makers trade”. The L.C. Smith “Deluxe Grade” out sold its principal rival, the Parker Bros. “Invincible Grade” by a margin of 30 to 3. The gold birds and gold wire scroll are done in raised bas relief, while the hand cut scroll work is executed in the finest manner possible. This “Deluxe Grade” was built using a standard field grade gun as a foundation. . . . #gunphotography #lcsmith #shotgun #firearmphotography #restoredguns #gunrestoration #dougturnbull #turnbullrestoration #turnbull #colorcasehardening #gold #engraving #classicgun #guncollector #shoothistory

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2. Colt 1911 manufactured in 1918
Sometimes we like to keep things the way they are. Another example of a 1911 that looks great just as it is.

1. Turnbull Manufacturing 1911 Government Heritage & Turnbull Manufacturing 1911 WWI
And there’s more where those came from! Over the past few years we’ve developed a number of custom Turnbull Manufacturing 1911s.


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