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As seen in the May, 2020 print issue of Shooting Times, and featured online at ShootingTimes.com!

The same passion and attention to detail that’s invested in every vintage restoration project goes into our newly-manufactured guns as well. Turnbull Model 1886 rifles are immaculate reproductions of their iconic forebearers, renowned for their unmatched quality and use of signature Turnbull finishes. Contact us today – we’ll help you dream up your own custom creation.

Starting at $3,500, Standard Features Include:

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Log Number NA000003
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.45-70 Govt, .45-90 WCF, .475 Turnbull

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6 reviews for Turnbull Model 1886 – Built to Order

  1. Ricky Biagi

    I bought one of Turnbull’s modern 1886 takedown rifles, they cut the bbl to 22 inches, polished off all those nasty “made elsewhere” markings, and re-rolled it with beautiful period markings! got rid of that modern safety and took the hammer back to half cock safety as the originals had, then had the foresight to drill and tap it for a tang sight!!then to top it off they worked their magic on the finishes, rust blue, color case hardened, and then re-finished the wood to look as the originals did!! the masters at Turnbull left no detail undone!! I put on a nice tang sight, and enjoy shooting this work of art as much as any original vintage Winchester I own!!
    I am a many times repeat customer, and have not been disappointed yet!! Ricky Biagi

    • Sara Turnbull

      Thank you, Ricky! So glad to hear you’re enjoying your rifle.

  2. Alan Flury

    I’ve had my 1886 for a few years and use it for hunting and lever action steel matches. I love this rifle. Also have a couple of other Turnbulls and the workmanship is awesome.

  3. Ben Mathes

    Adore my Turnbull 1886- iron sights, longest hunting shots – might be luck- but I’d never tell my hunting Buddies!!! A beautiful, accurate, heirloom- blessed to own one!

    • Sara Turnbull

      Thanks, Ben! Glad you’re happy with it!

  4. Larry K. Hay

    Works of art!

  5. Jon Mathews

    Turnbull worked their magic on a 50 alaskan conversion of a Marlin 1895. What a work of art. It’s going to Africa with me on the next trip.

  6. Woody Morrison

    I was fortunate enough to have landed on Doug’s site and noticed a sale for a 45-70. I snatched that thing up faster than a praying mantis on an insect. I’ve had it for several years…flawless…LOVE to shoot it. Whenever I pull it out of its case, those near it gasp…“what….WHERE did you…my God, LOOK at that thing.” Turnbull is an extraordinarily talented artist with a deep knowledge of the rifle and the technology available today to produce the level of detail he delivers. Quite remarkable.
    If you like what you see…get it. Period. You will never regret it. Ever.

    • Sara Turnbull

      Thank you, Woody! We’re so happy to be a part of your collection.

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