Doug Turnbull Returns to The Big Wild

by | Dec 9, 2020 | Audio, Doug Turnbull, Interviews, Media, News, Turnbull Restoration & Manufacturing Blog | 0 comments

Doug Turnbull on The Big Wild Radio Show

In case you missed it, we’ve shared the replay of Doug’s return visit to The Big Wild, a premier radio show for those with a big appetite for hunting, fishing, interesting recipes and politically incorrect humor. Here are a few of the interview highlights:

  • Host Gundy’s Browning A5 Humpback – a candidate for restoration? (Related: To Restore, or Not to Restore?)
  • Doug walks through the restoration quotation process
  • Some recent restoration challenges
  • Rarest gun we’ve worked on
  • Doug’s entry into the business of restoration

You can have a listen here. The entire episode is enjoyable, but if you want to get right to Doug’s segment, he appears right around the 20:30 mark.


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