Doug Turnbull Receives 2021 American Pistolsmiths Guild Mentorship Award

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Pictured  – Left: Daniel Batchelor, American Pistolsmiths Guild President; Right: Doug Turnbull, Turnbull Restoration Founder & CEO

We’re pleased to announce that our founder and CEO Doug Turnbull has received the American Pistolsmiths Guild Mentorship Award for 2021. The award was presented to Doug at the recent Dallas Safari Club convention in Dallas, Texas.

Through its Mentorship Award, the American Pistolsmiths Guild recognizes that our predecessors and forefathers must never be forgotten, and it pledges that the Guild’s community of pistolsmiths will always remember and give thanks to those who came before.

“I’m grateful for receiving the 2021 mentorship award,” shares Doug, who is also a Guild member. “Our job as firearm restorers is not only to preserve the stories captured in cherished family heirlooms, but to also keep alive the history of these fine arms and their original makers. I’m proud that our work at Turnbull Restoration plays a role in honoring the past masters, and that we’re able to help the next generation of gunsmiths carry on with time-honored traditions.”

American Pistolsmiths Guild President Daniel Batchelor adds, “The American Pistolsmiths Guild is dedicated to promoting excellence in the pistolsmithing craft and preserving this tradition for future generations. One of the ways we do this is through our gunsmith scholarship program. Each year we award between 3-5 scholarships to deserving gunsmith students who have distinguished themselves above their peers. The Mentorship Award is reserved for Guild members who have actively helped these aspiring gunsmiths and set an example of excellence in the industry.”

The mentorship award is one of three awards presented by the American Pistolsmiths Guild, including the pistolsmith of the year award and the president’s award. With the 2021 recognition of Doug Turnbull, the mentorship award has been presented a total of four times.


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