Turnbull Restoration on Modern Shooter

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Wondering what goes into the restoration of a vintage firearm? Interested in long-range shooting? Thanks to our friends at Modern Shooter and Gun Digest, we can give you a behind-the-scenes look at our restoration and production processes, as well as a weekend at Mill Creek Shooting Resort in Colorado.

Many thanks go out to the kind folks who made all this happen, as well as the good friends we made along the way. This long list includes Turnbull Restoration’s gunsmiths and support staff, Henry Wu and Lori Hallman at Gun Digest, Phred Nelson at F&W Media, the entire team at Modern Shooter, our excellent hosts at Mill Creek Shooting Resort, Will Renke and Ben Stacy of Forge Relations/Guns Daily, and many others.

Restoration and Production Behind-the-Scenes

Long-Range Shooting at Mill Creek

See Doug Turnbull at ~13:45



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