Turnbull on the Road: NRA-ILA Convention in Charlotte, NC

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The weekend of May 14th, we attended the NRA-ILA convention in Charlotte, NC. We primarily went to the conference to talk with manufacturers that we are partnering with and potential future partners, and to show our support for the NRA. As we become more involved with the manufacturing of firearms, we are working with more and more firearm manufacturers to customize their firearms with finishing.

While walking the exhibits we met a lot of great people in the industry. Many of those recognized Doug by his trademark hat. We were also able to talk with Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President of the NRA and Chris Cox, Executive Director of NRA-ILA.

We also attended an auction to benefit the NRA-ILA in which we were able to participate by being involved with the donation of a pistol. In a partnership with Kimber, Turnbull Mfg. did the finish work on a Kimber firearm that sold at auction for $10,000! The retail on this gun is $4,300. We were glad to do what we could to support the NRA and had a great time while there

See more pictures from our trip to the NRA-ILA Convention in Charlotte, NC.


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