Turnbull Goes to New York City: Delivering Tom Selleck’s Restored Winchester 1886

by | Feb 27, 2018 | Firearm Restoration, News | 2 comments

It was a great honor to collaborate with actor Tom Selleck on a special Winchester 1886 in .50-110. Emblazoned on the rifle’s butt stock, the numbers “163” are engraved in a gold insert to commemorate the 163rd episode mark of Tom’s long-running TV series Blue Bloods. This surpasses the number of episodes Tom filmed for the iconic Magnum P.I. series. The antique lever gun – originally built in 1889 – was fully restored, outfitted with numerous customizations, and converted to 22” take-down by a team of craftsmen at Turnbull Restoration. Doug Turnbull then traveled to New York City to meet Tom on-set and personally deliver it.

We thank Tom Selleck for his friendship and collaboration, and for his hospitality as we delivered the commemorative ’86. We also extend our sincere thanks to Phil Schreier, Senior Curator, NRA Museums, and Peter Fountain, NRA Photography Director, for joining us in the presentation as well as for the great coverage of the event. You can read their recently-published story in American Rifleman.

Stay tuned for a photo essay that documents the full restoration, customization and conversion process of Tom Selleck’s special Winchester 1886. UPDATE: You can now view this story by clicking here.


  1. Robert

    Tom Selleck, is a truly great actor. I feel a huge sense of pride and incredibly lucky to have grown up watching the many shows and movies in which he participated. The restoration piece is absolutely stunning and nobody deserves it more than Tom. Great job guys ,now we just need to restore him an original Sharps and bring out the Quigley in him. All kidding aside , a beautiful piece for an extra special human being.

    • Sara Turnbull

      Thanks, Robert!


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