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Our sincere thanks go out to Handloader magazine, for reviewing the Turnbull Commander Heritage 1911 and featuring it on the cover of their February 2018 issue. Author and reviewer Charles A. Petty was extremely pleased, highlighting the 1911’s understated elegance, front strap and stock checkering, color case work, fit/finish/function, and more. We’ve included a copy of the review here, reprinted with kind permission from Rifle magazine.

We also want to remind you that our 1911s are in final production. There are plenty of finished models to choose from. Also know that we have a few kits remaining. These kits can be configured in different ways to make your dream Turnbull 1911 – just call (585) 657-6338 or drop us an email.

Update: the Turnbull Model 1911 line is no longer in production. Here are a few suggested next steps:

Browse our pre-owned listings.
Well-maintained Turnbull Model 1911s sometimes become available in our pre-owned collection. Also, look for WWI-era Model 1911 examples, predecessors (e.g., 1902, 1905, etc.) and successors (e.g., WWII-era A1) – both original and restored.

Inquire about Model 1911 restoration.
Our core business for over 40 years is period-correct, vintage and antique firearm restoration. You can also browse our gallery of restored service pistols and variants. Not sure if you Model 1911 is a candidate for restoration? “Should I Restore My Old Gun?” is a great article to start with.


  1. Mark

    I am looking for a colt 1905 magazine do you have any and I can purchase


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