A hunting trip may only be a few days in the woods. With any luck you’ll bring back some great memories, a few tall tales, and some meat for the freezer. But the hunting trip is about a lot more than those few days in the woods.

It might even start years before you load up your pack, if it’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime trips. Finding just the right hunting spot or outfitter, saving up your money, shopping for the perfect gear, and reading books and hearing stories from those who’ve gone before you are all part of the journey. If you didn’t have the months and years before the trip to dream and plan, would it really be as meaningful when you finally got there?

Photo of Doug Turnbull, Founder and CEO of Turnbull Restoration Co., Inc.The restoration process is kind of like that wait for the hunt. It takes a long time, and you’ve probably been dreaming about it for a few years before you finally have the time and money to make it happen. And even once you send it in, you still have a wait ahead of you. But hopefully all of your patience will pay off in the end.

“The wait was worth every second,” reads a note hanging on the door in our break room. “Truly amazing… I smile every time I look at the work of art.” Another reads, “My Model 12 is absolutely beautiful. I am truly blown away by the work you folks did on this sentimental piece for me. Please pass along my profound gratitude to those that did this restoration. It means more to me than words can express to have my grandfather’s shotgun so respectfully restored.”

It means a lot to us to be included in your story. When you retell the story of how you caught the big one it makes the memory brighter. We hope the same will be true when you remember the journey your firearm took from the first day your grandfather bought it, to the day you got it back from us looking brand new again.

Encouraging you to get out there and make some new memories,
Doug Turnbull