It's More Fun Shooting Together

Let’s Go Shooting!

Most people don’t get into the shooting sports on their own. Maybe you were lucky enough to have a parent teach you how to shoot, or perhaps later in life your buddy took you out to the range. NSSF’s +ONE campaign is encouraging every shooter in America to introduce just one person to the shooting sports. Whether it’s your gun-shy girlfriend or the new guy at work, we hope you’ll take them up on the challenge and share something new with someone in your life.

Ready to get shooting with your +ONE? We’ve assembled some of our favorite pairs to whet both your appetites. Click on the links below to learn more about our Turnbull Finished firearms and our Turnbull Finishing services to upgrade the look of the firearms you already own.

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If just one in three of America’s recreational shooters adds one new person to the shooting sports, we’ll secure a strong future for generations to come. So be the one.

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Mark IV Pistols

Great for plinking and perfect for beginners, our stunning Turnbull Finished Ruger Mark IVs come in four different configurations.

Explore our Ruger Mark IVs

Ruger Revolvers

The classic revolver captures the spirit of the West, and is a fun way to get new shooters involved. Chambered in .22, the Bearcat is a great starter gun, while the Blackhawk packs more of a punch.

Send in Your Ruger Revolver for Color Case Hardening

Ruger Pistols

One for here, and one for there. Hone your skills at the range with the Ruger Mark IV, and keep your Ruger LCP by your side every day.

Explore our Ruger Mark IVs | Color Case Harden Your Ruger LCP

Ruger Revolver + Pistol

Revolver, or pistol? Give your first-timer the opportunity to try out both with the Ruger GP100 and the Ruger Mark IV.

Explore our Ruger Mark IVs | Discover our GP100