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Photo of a factory-new Ruger LCP, featuring bone charcoal color case hardened slide by Turnbull RestorationJUST ANNOUNCED

We’ve just added Ruger LCP and LCP II slides to our list of Turnbull Finished Services!  An ever-popular choice for everyday carry, the Ruger LCP caught our eye as a candidate for signature Turnbull bone charcoal color case hardening. We’re offering this service today, for only $100 per slide plus shipping fees.

Simply disassemble your LCP or LCP II (models with carbon steel slides only) per your owners manual, send only the slide to us per our shipping instructions, and allow 3-4 weeks turnaround time. Easy!

Transform Your New Firearms to Instant Family Heirlooms

Our customers often ask us if their newly-manufactured firearms can be made to look old by applying our signature metal and wood treatments. Our finishes have been meticulously developed to match those of the original gun makers of yesteryear, and in many instances we can transform a new gun to “old”. Browse our list below to see which newly-manufactured firearms we typically transform with Turnbull Finished Services. 

List of customer-supplied, newly-manufactured models that are candidates for Turnbull Finished Services

  • JUST ANNOUNCED: Ruger LCP and LCP II (color case hardening of carbon steel slides)
    NOTE: Ruger LCP and LCP II are the only eligible pistols in this category at this time; contact our customer service team with any questions
  • Marlin 336C, 1895, and 1895CB (color case hardening of receiver and other carbon steel parts, wood refinishing)
  • Ruger Blackhawk (color case hardening of carbon steel frames)
  • Ruger GP100 (color case hardening of carbon steel frames)
  • Ruger Mark III Target (color case hardening of carbon steel barrels)
  • Ruger Mark IV: Target, Standard, and 22/45 (color case hardening of carbon steel barrels)
  • Ruger No. 1 (color case hardening of receiver, rust blued barrel, charcoal blued small parts, nitre blued screws and pins – carbon steel parts only)
  • Ruger Vaquero (color case hardening of carbon steel frames)
  • Uberti: Various revolver and rifle models (color case hardening of carbon steel frames and receivers)
  • Winchester 1873, 1886, and 1892 (color case hardening of receiver and other carbon steel parts, wood refinishing)

NOTES: Metal refinishing can ONLY be performed on carbon steel models; NOT stainless steel models, for example). Don’t see your particular firearm? We’re happy to talk about your specific project and explore the possibilities.

Contact us today for pricing and turnaround time to transform your factory-new firearm into a Turnbull classic.

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This sort of transformation isn’t limited to customer-supplied guns. Browse our full range of Turnbull Finished firearms and select your instant classic from our showroom.

Turnbull-Finished is Different than Turnbull-Restored

Do you own an old collectible firearm or perhaps even an antique that’s in need of full restoration? Our core business – decades in the making – is in bringing classic firearms of yesteryear back to their original factory condition. We’re happy to provide a quote on your vintage firearm restoration project.

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