Winchester Model 1886 SRC



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The John M. Browning-penned Winchester Model 1886 was developed as an improvement to the Model 1876. The 86’s all-new and considerably stronger locking-block action accommodated the increasingly-popular heavier rounds. This example from 1903 in saddle ring carbine configuration is chambered for .45-70 Government.

Restoration & Upgrade Highlights

  • Convert original tang and lever to pistol grip configuration
  • New round carbine barrel, 22” length, .45-70 caliber conversion, fit to action, marked to period-correct and rust blued
  • New full length magazine tube fit to action, polished and rust blued
  • Winchester carbine butt plate, 1886 carbine barrel bands, repro mag tube cap, saddle ring and stud
  • Provide and install reproduction Winchester S hooks and sling eyes
  • Provide and fit 1886 carbine ladder sight, Lyman #1 tang sight
  • New butt stock, capped pistol-grip, 4XXXX exhibition grade American walnut fit to carbine butt plate, finished with red oil finish
  • New carbine forend, 4XXXX exhibition grade American walnut with carbine barrel channel, fit to action, barrel and bands, finished with red oil finish
  • Checker buttstock and carbine forend Winchester “H” pattern, 24 LPI with mullered border
  • Polish action and parts to period-correct finish
  • Repair screws
  • Restore original markings
  • Color case harden receiver, lever, hammer and carbine butt plate
  • Charcoal blue bolt, sights, screws and small parts
  • Nitre blue loading cover

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