Winchester Model 01 Lever Action Shotgun



The Model 01 was another John Browning successful lever action design.  Considered by most to be the first truly successful repeating shotgun, the lever-action design was chosen by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company because they were best known for lever action rifles.  Even after John Browning suggested that a pump action design would be a better choice for a repeating shotgun.  The first lever action shotgun design produced was the Model 1887 and was chambered for the early black powder 12 ga and then for the 10ga.

Winchester soon realized after the introduction of smokeless powder the action of the Model 1887 was not strong enough to handle early smokeless powder.  A redesign of the action and lever resulted in the stronger Winchester Model 1901, which was chambered in 10 ga only.  The Model 01 was never offered in a 12 ga chambering because Winchester did not want the Model 1901 to compete with their very successful 12-gauge Model 1897 pump-action shotgun.  A total of 79,455 Model 1901 shotguns were produced before being discontinued in 1920.

This Model 01 has been completely restored to original factory condition.  Work included a full stock restoration with checkering re-cut, full metal polish and period correct metal finishes.  The receiver and lever are finished with Charcoal Bluing and the barrel and magazine tube are finished in the period correct slow Rust Blue process.

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Round knob pistol grip w/ Winchester logo hard rubber butt plate.

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