Winchester 1873, 1 of 1000, 36″ barrel


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This rifle is a third Model 1873 that has been fully restored and upgraded to a deluxe model “One of One Thousand”. Most of the original “One of One Thousand” rifles were special ordered and built to customer specifications. This rifle is no different and is an example of a special order “long barrel”. 

The standard barrel length for a Winchester Model 1873 rifle was 24″. Winchester did offer special order barrel lengths all the way out to 36″.  This Winchester 1873 has been fitted with just such a 36″ barrel. The longer barrel length required not only a longer magazine tube, but dual magazine tube hangers to support the length and weight of a fully loaded magazine tube.

These “longer than standard” barrel lengths were typically used for target shooting and were fitted with long range target sights.  This rifle has been fitted with a Mid-range Sporting Vernier rear tang sight and a Globe Windage front sight with interchangeable sight inserts.  The barrel has a rear dovetail seat but is filled with a decorative filler piece, giving the shooter an un-obstructed view the entire length of the barrel.  The top barrel flat at the chamber is engraved “One of One Thousand”.

The receiver is finished with original Charcoal Bluing and the hammer, lever and butt plate are finished with original Bone Charcoal Color Case Hardening.
The new stocks are 1X fancy American Black Walnut and are checkered with a period correct Winchester factory “H-pattern” checkering.  The butt plate is a “trap door” style and the butt stock is drilled to accommodate a cleaning rod.

The restoration and upgrade work included:
• New barrel
• New magazine tube
• Restoration of the barrel address
• Full metal polish
• Restoration and mechanical repair to internal  parts
• New stocks
• “One of one Thousand” barrel inscription
• Hand cut checkering
• Bone Charcoal Color Case Hardening
• Charcoal Bluing
• Rust Bluing

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Log Number 12322
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229359 (Mfg. 1887)




Barrel Length


Barrel Shape


Magazine Tube

Full length


Mid-range Sporting Vernier rear tang sight. Globe Windage front sight w/interchangeable sight inserts.


1X fancy, H-pattern checkering, Straight grip

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