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This handgun has been sold and is no longer available.  If you are looking for a handgun like this, please call us at 585-657-6338 and we will help you find the handgun for no fee.

This is a Walther pre war PPK RZM marked 7.65mm handgun.  This model is an RZM or “Reichzeugmeisterei” which roughly translates to, “The Party equipment buying office.” In the U.S. it might be the equivalent of the quartermaster’s office.  If you are a WWII collector, you know that many of the German military field items bear the RZM mark or label, including Nazi uniforms.  The Walther Pre War PPK RZM was only available between 1934 and 1936, making this PPK pretty rare.  The RZM pistols were presented to party leaders throughout Germany during the late 1930’s.  This gun has all of the correct pre-war markings including the A crown symbol with the “N” below it.  Almost all of the original finish remains and the gun is in fully functional condition.  The grips are cracked, as seen in the photos above, on the right side of the gun.  It also comes with a time period correct leather holster and cleaning rod, and one magazine.  The Walther Pre War PPK RZM Marked handgun is the perfect gun for a WWII collector.

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