Turnbull Model 1911 WWI U.S. Marine – SOLD


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The gun listed is a Turnbull Manufactured U.S. Marine Corp-stamped WWI 1911. These accurate reproductions of the iconic 1911 closely replicates the look and feel of 1911 pistols built during WWI.  Pistol is hand polished before our classic charcoal blue finish is applied.

  •  5 inch barrel
  •  WWI style 1911 sight with semi-circle notch
  •  Short, wide spur hammer with standard checkering
  •  Safety lock is an early style with a knurled undercut thumb-piece
  •  American Black Walnut hand checkered, double diamond grips
  •  WWI style ejection port
  •  Solid one piece steel trigger
  •  Turnbull Turning Bull trademark on left of slide behind serrations
  •  Doug Turnbull inspector stamp
  •  Includes 2 two-tone magazines
  •  Chambered in .45 ACP

All components are made in the U.S.A

"One can hardly handle and shoot this Turnbull M1911 without thinking of the likes of Black Jack Pershing and his ride into Mexico, or Alvin York and the rest of the boys who went 'over the top' in Europe during World War I."

NRA Staff

American Rifleman Magazine

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Standard WWI


Double diamond American Black Walnut grips


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