Turnbull Finished Winchester 1892 Deluxe Takedown in .44 Rem Mag – Made to Order

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  • Our Winchester 1892s are made in limited runs; Please contact us for current lead time and delivery information.
  • The appearance of color case hardening varies from gun to gun. Photos contained here are of one sample gun, therefore your Turnbull Finished firearm’s case hardened colors, shades, and patterns will vary from what is shown here. 

There’s no hiding that the history of Winchester lever guns captured our hearts and minds long ago. Because of that affinity, and due to popular demand, Turnbull Restoration has launched a new addition to the Turnbull Finished family: the Turnbull Winchester 1892 Deluxe Takedown, featuring world-famous Turnbull metal and wood finishing touches.

Starting with a factory-new Winchester Model 1892 in our own special configuration, we apply our signature bone charcoal color case hardening process to the receiver, lever, hammer, butt plate and forend cap. In addition, we refinish the 24″ full octagon barrel and full-length magazine tube in classic-era rust blue. We haven’t forgotten the small parts, as we charcoal blue those as well. And last but not least, we refinish the grade 5/6 American walnut stocks in a hand-rubbed oil finish to match Winchester’s classic red shading.

Rounding out the 92’s John Browning reversion is our tang safety conversion process, taking this example back to a half-cock safety as it was originally designed over a century ago. And, by popular request, we are now lightening the lever gun’s mainspring which relieves the stiff cycling and heavy trigger pull of the factory setup. The result: a factory-new Model 1892 that looks AND runs like an original.

Currently-available chamberings:

Contact us to reserve your Turnbull Winchester 1892 Deluxe Takedown today, or to request additional information.

“Unsurprisingly for a rifle which has been around the better part of 130 years, many versions of the Winchester ’92 are available, including replicas by other makers but none quite match up to the Turnbull Restoration Company version.”

Jeremy D. Clough

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Additional information

Log Number TF-WIN1892DLXTD-44MAG









Barrel Length


Barrel Shape

Full Octagon

Magazine Tube

12 rounds, Full


Buckhorn rear, Marbles gold bead front


Factory Checkered, Grade 5/6 American Walnut


Checkered Pistol Grip

Type of Butt



7 lbs 8 oz


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2 reviews for Turnbull Finished Winchester 1892 Deluxe Takedown in .44 Rem Mag – Made to Order

  1. Andrew Healy

    No review because I have yet to own one of these (but would like to), but can you comment on the butt plate variation of this one vs the steel crescent type that I see on the standard Winchester 1892’s or the last Turnbull 1892 that was produced. Is this an improved change that Turnbull requested because the other design was uncomfortable? Thanks!!

    • Sara Turnbull

      Hi Andrew,
      We went with a shotgun butt plate instead of the crescent butt plate on these because they are a bit more comfortable. Some people prefer the crescent, but it’s just a matter of personal preference.

  2. Joel S. Rickenbach

    I did not have a Winchester 1892 and wanted one to go along with my 1886 in 45-70, While perusing the internet, I found Turnbull . I decided that Bloomfield was far enough away from NYC ; that I should give them a call. Steve Lester is pleasant and knowledgeable. At that time, Turnbull had no store of Win ’92 on hand, so I bought a new one and had it sent to Bloomfield.
    They removed the 44-40 barrel and got a 44 magnum to replace it. They took off the ugly tang safety, stripped the Win bluing,
    gave Turnbull rust&charcoal . My Winchester 1892 is now a ranch rifle on a ranch in Fall River County, South Dakota. a vaquero in
    .44 magnum is a pleasant companion piece. The ’92 is a joy to look at, to shoot and to reload for.

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