Turnbull Finished and Upgraded Colt SAA (3rd Gen) – Sold

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Presented for sale today is an excellent example of what Turnbull Restoration can do with late-production firearms.This is a 3rd generation Colt Single Action Army revolver (mfg. 2000) that has been refinished with signature, restoration-grade Turnbull finishes and upgraded with custom grips.

Refinishing and customization work performed on this 3rd generation SAA included:

This listing includes blue Colt hard case.

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Single Action Revolver

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1 review for Turnbull Finished and Upgraded Colt SAA (3rd Gen) – Sold

  1. Tom Riddle

    Always great,a generation artist. Moises you at South Dakota Show, hope to see you next year. Be well my friend

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