Turnbull BBQ Government Heritage Model 1911 – PAST PRODUCT – No Longer for Sale


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This handgun is BBQ inspired and was modeled after the Turnbull Model 1911, which is perfect to take along for your summer cookouts. The gun is available in four unique styles of hand engraving on one of two different carbon steel frames. Each of styles offers the discriminating collector an opportunity to own a top quality pistol with classic engraving, in the style that best suits the owner. The handgun is equipped with nitre blued parts, as well as 24-karat gold barbecue tools, and have a unique hand-cut serial number beginning with “TBBQ-“.

Engraving options available:

  • Scroll – This design is derived from the classic American scroll engraving from around the 1850s. It features bold, flowing scroll work with single line shading and classic punch dot background in the interior of the design to provide extensive, clean coverage.
  • Flare (pictured) – Flare Cut consists of heavy, deep engraving cuts that meet together to form a bright, sparkling pattern that has the look of heavily sculpted engraving. This style results in an intricate, unique design which is also very durable.
  • Grape – This style features leaves and vines flowing across the surfaces of the pistol. It has deep roots in the history of engraving, having been used on firearms over the past several hundred years. Grape leaves, vines, and grape clusters alternate along the pistol, with fine line shading for depth and movement.
  • Colt – This custom BBQ design inherits its styling from the finely engraved Colt pistols of the early 20th century. The style features Colt-style scroll with punch dot background and fancy borders to accent the lines of the pistol.


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Log Number NA000051
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Standard WWI


38 oz.

Weight Loaded

45.5 oz.



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