Winchester Model 1892



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The prolificacy of John M. Browning is well-documented, but the story of Mr. Browning’s Model 1892 design may very well be the crowning chapter. When asked by Winchester to design an improved lever action to compete with a recent Marlin offering, John Browning had a functioning prototype of the Model ’92 within two weeks. This on its own is already an incredible accomplishment but for one fact: he originally said he would have the prototype delivered to Winchester in under a month, or it would be free.

The ’92 itself went on to win notable acclaim. Its ability to chamber high-pressure handgun rounds made it very popular. Fans of cowboy films will of course know how the ‘92 was adopted by Hollywood filmmakers in the mid-20th century. This caused many to differentiate it from the Winchester Model 1873, “The Rifle that Won the West”, by referring to the ’92 as “The Rifle that Won the Western”.

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