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NOTE: this is an example of a previous customer restoration, and therefore the firearm is not for sale.

Answering the demand of big-game hunters, Winchester set out to produce a heftier version of their already-popular Model 1873. Introduced to celebrate the American Centennial Exposition, the new Model 1876 quickly earned a reputation as an effective big-game hunting rifle.

Originally chambered for Winchester’s new .45-75 Winchester Centennial cartridge (mimicking .45-70 ballistics in a shorter case in order to accommodate the 76’s toggle-link action receiver), versions in .40-60 Winchester, .45-60 Winchester and .50-95 Winchester eventually became available. Our restored example sports the latter chambering, which was known to be popular among professional buffalo hunters of the day.

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History Restored:

  • Fit new dust cover and rail
  • Convert magazine tube to 1/2 magazine, perform repairs
  • Checker original wood with factory H pattern at 24lpi with mullered border
  • Polish all metal for correct finish
  • Restore original barrel markings
  • Rust blue barrel and magazine tube
  • All screws repaired/replaced
  • Restore all original receiver markings
  • Color case harden receiver, lever, hammer and forend cap
  • Charcoal blue bolt, dust cover, butt plate, sights and small parts
  • Refinish wood with red oil hand rubbed finish

Restoration Process Photos:

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