Restored and Upgraded Winchester 1873



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Introduced by Winchester Repeating Arms Company as an improvement on their Model 1866, the Model 1873’s steel receiver construction meant it could stand up to stronger chamberings compared to its bronze alloy predecessor. The ‘73 was originally chambered in .44-40, the first center fire cartridge which would go on to become immensely popular. This restored and upgraded example from 1886 reflects that chambering.

Right around that time, handgun manufacturers like Smith & Wesson and Colt were adopting these same calibers in their offerings as well. For the settler, cowboy, outlaw or lawman who placed a premium on traveling light when on the trail, being able to use the same ammunition in both handguns and long guns became a godsend. This interchangeability is one of the main reasons why the Winchester Model 1873 became known as “The Gun that Won the West.”

Rifle Restoration & Upgrade Highlights

  • Repair action, fit new links and pins, repair dust cover, repair set trigger
  • Pistol grip conversion
  • New buttstock and forend in 3XXX walnut, deluxe pistol grip with ebony Christmas tree insert, crescent buttplate fitted
  • Checker in standard “H” pattern, 24LPI with mullered border
  • Polish receiver and all other parts for correct finish
  • Restore screws
  • New 28-inch barrel and full magazine, rust blue
  • Beeches combination front sight, sporting rear sight, mid-range Vernier tang sight
  • Engrave barrel with 1 of 1,000 engraving, foliate arabesque style per customer image
  • Inlay platinum barrel bands
  • Engrave hammer, lever, buttplate, forend cap and dust cover
  • Color case harden receiver, lever, hammer, buttplate, forend cap
  • Charcoal blue rifle parts

Winchester Model 1873 Before Restoration

Rifle Restoration & Upgrade Work

Winchester Model 1873 After Restoration

“The Old West is not a certain place in a certain time, it’s a state of mind.
It’s whatever you want it to be.”

Tom Mix

American film actor, star of many early Western films

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