Colt SAA Bisley Model, Restored and Upgraded



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The Colt Bisley was introduced in 1894 as a target pistol. The name “Bisley” came from the famous firing range in Bisley, England. All Bisleys after No. 161,376 had “BISLEY MODEL” with the caliber stamped on the left side of the barrel, which is rare for older Colt revolvers.

This restored and upgraded example is from 1913, and is chambered in .44-40 Winchester. Our own Tom McArdle performed an outstanding job with the engraving, delighting our customer with a truly distinctive revolver for his Colt collection. 

Restoration Highlights:

  • Rebuild hand to correct timing
  • Polish frame and all parts to period correct high polish
  • Custom engraving per engraving proof provided
  • Color case harden frame, gate and hammer
  • Charcoal blue cylinder, barrel, trigger guard, backstrap and parts
  • Nitre blue base pin, trigger and screws
  • Fit custom grips, two-piece Bisley with eagle carving

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