Restored Colt Model 1911 Black Army – SOLD



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We are pleased to present for you today a restored example of the iconic Colt Model of 1911 U.S. Army in “Black Army” finish.

Carrying serial number 530678, this World War I era service sidearm was made in 1918, when the famous semi-autos were polished and finished in the so-called “Black Army” style, including charcoal blued slide and frame.

Our period-correct finishing techniques reinstate the WWI heritage of this 1911’s original blackened finish. Colt used this in lieu of the standard polish and Charcoal Blue finish of the period in order to boost wartime production.


Restoration Notes

  • Exchange 1913 replacement hammer for proper vintage hammer
  • Fit new barrel bushing to tighten excess gap to front of slide
  • Polish frame, slide and parts for proper black army finish
  • Restore proper factory markings
  • Charcoal blue frame, sidle and parts in proper black army style
  • Provide new, reproduction double diamond checkered walnut grips

Additional information

Log Number 7097
Serial Number







Year of Manufacture




Barrel Length

5 "


Standard WWI


Hand-Checkered Walnut Double Diamond Reproduction

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