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Although John Browning’s first automatic pistols – Models 1900, 1902 and 1903 – were highly regarded by the United States military at the time of their release, the .38 caliber round was seen as having limited stopping power. Fast forward to 1928, when the 1911 Government Model – the hugely-popular evolutionary pinnacle of Browning’s early designs – was redesigned to fire an improved .38 ACP cartridge and previewed at the National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio. After its successful unveiling, the Colt Super .38 Automatic Pistol began shipping in January 1929. The simple, strong, modern design of the Colt, and the ballistics of the new Super .38 cartridge were considered vastly superior to what came before.

Fast forward again, this time to 1932. Colt began offering an upgraded Government Model .45, known as the National Match, featuring numerous upgrades to the sights, action and barrel. The ever-vocal Super .38 shooters demanded the same upgrades, so in 1934 the Match Super .38 was introduced. In 1935, the roll mark was changed to Super Match.

This restored example is a pre-war Colt Super Match. It was a pleasure to have in our shop as we had the honor of bringing it back to factory condition on behalf of its owner.

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