Marlin Safety Replacement

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Designed to replace the cross-bolt safety button on modern Marlin lever action rifles. Our updated, switchable design allows your Marlin rifle to operate in full safety and firing modes. No extra parts needed for the installation.

Choose from color case hardened, hot blued or nickel plated.

How does it work? It deletes the sliding safety function but still gives the operator a half-cock safety. Additionally, it allows the customer to rotate it a quarter turn and give the firearm a hammer block function, fully disabling the firearm from firing for safe storage.

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Determining whether or not disabling the factory cross-bolt safety is appropriate is the responsibility of the firearm’s owner or user. By purchasing this product and installing it you are assuming all responsibility and consequences that may result from altering the factory cross-bolt safety that comes with the firearm. Disabling the factory cross-bolt safety can result in an increased possibility of accidental discharge that could result in injury or worse. Additional caution and special attention should be used when using a firearm with a disabled cross-bolt safety. Always treat a firearm as if it could discharge at any moment to avoid accidents.

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3 reviews for Marlin Safety Replacement

  1. Andrew Miller (verified owner)

    This is a must have for anyone with a crossbolt safety on a Marlin lever action. It is super easy to install and makes the rifle look better instantly. I will be buying more of these for my Marlin rifles and highly recommend these Saftey Replacements. 100% worth every penny. Extremely pleased

    • Sara Turnbull

      Thank you, Andrew! Glad to hear you’re happy with this product.

  2. Ian Clayton (verified owner)

    Just finished installing on my Marlin 1895 45/70 and it looks great and the install took about 10 min from start to finish. It works flawlessly and I am totally satisfied with the quality and operation. There are other safety replacements on the market but only do one function, this gives you your choice of two and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Quality product with super fast shipping. I give this 5*****’s only because there are not 6. Highly recommended. P.S. You get what you pay for….

  3. Lindy Roberts (verified owner)

    II have installed the blued model on my 24″ 1894 Marlin Cowboy in .45 Colt. The fit, finish and function are perfect. This makes the rifle look correct, and being able to use it as a hammer block is great. The shipping was very fast. Thank You for everything.

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