Marlin Model 1897


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The Marlin Model 1897 was conceived as an improvement on the North Haven, CT maker’s Model 1892 design. Unlike their Model 1892  Marlin’s Model 1897 rifle was available only as a takedown model and only in .22 rimfire.

Restoration & Upgrade Highlights

  • Rebuild hammer half-notch safety, replace mainspring
  • New 24” barrel, fit to action, rust blue
  • Provide and fit Rocky Mountain front sight
  • Polish and rust blue magazine tube to match barrel
  • Soak buttstock and forend to remove excess oil
  • Repair chip missing from stock
  • Steam and repair dents and handling marks, hand-rubbed oil finish
  • Recut Marlin ‘B’ pattern checkering to original
  • Polish action and all parts to period correct finish
  • Restore screws
  • Restore original markings to receiver and parts
  • Color case harden receiver, lever and hammer
  • Charcoal blue forend cap, sights, screws and small parts

“You remember it like yesterday. A .22 rimfire. Your first real firearm. Oh, the possibilities. The adventures. The anticipation.”

Ron Spomer

Sporting Classics: "10 Reasons to Shoot a .22 Rimfire", (click/tap to read)

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